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Macintosh SE/30 logicboard recreation (thread revival)


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Hi all,
I created a 3D STL model for the RESET and INTERRUPT button right angle support (for use with the ALPS SKHCBHA010).
It doesn't have the bottom prongs but I found out that it doesn't affect the firmness much.
This model will fit on the original and the Bolle board.

You can download it over here:

3D Printer settings:
80% infill
0.2mm quality
no support

Screenshot 2022-05-03 at 17.28.56.pngScreenshot 2022-05-03 at 17.29.14.png
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I am in the UK and am thinking about ordering some of these. Basic green boards with the bottom side populated from the BOM/Parts Placement. I have at least one donor board that is in pretty bad shape.

1. Is anyone else interested in one of these - looks like minimum order is 5?
2. Can anyone give me a quick rundown of which options I need to specify from JLPCB - board thickness, etc...?



Is this still being sold?

edit: My bad I misread parts of the thread. Don’t answer the question, my apologies.


Is this sold as a completed kit or is it just a board file with a BOM?
I apologize if I’m being a dumbass here.


I have my boards on the way, and I have an old mac IIcx board that I will be harvesting all the parts from. I will let everyone know the progress as I'm curious to see how many of the parts required will be available on the IIcx board. It looks like most of them will work when comparing images of an Se/30 board and a IIcx. Of course I will be ordering dip sockets, PGA cpu, pga socket, roms seperately.


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Off-topic question to people assembling boards: are y'all scavenging from bombed boards, or is there a source for NOS ASICs that I'm somehow missing? I've been looking far and wide for a replacement for an SE/30 GLUE chip that might be malfunctioning.


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is there a source for NOS ASICs that I'm somehow missing?

I think anyone that claims to have lots of ASICs for these should probably be treated with moderate suspicion, unfortunately. As far as I know there's no reliable source other than bombed boards.


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For those who are interested;
I measured the ferrite beads located at L22,L20,L19,L18,L17,L16,L15,L14,L13,L12,L11,L10,L9,L8 with my VNA.
Hereby a sweep resistance output from 1Mhz to 500Mhz.
M1 is at 100Mhz 92Ohm with a low Q factor.

m1 Custom.gif
Taiyo Yuden FBMJ4516HS111-T is matching this curve.
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Anyone have a clue? Doesn’t seems to be related to ROM, RAM, VIAs, SCSI PLCC or FPU. Removing them doesn’t affect the pattern).


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