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Macintosh IIfx logicboard recreation


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I've been waiting for a long time for this to come to fruition and, I have to say, you have absolutely gone above and beyond once again, sir. I just about lost my mind when I saw the repo updated the other day in GitHub, lol. My IIfx can finally live again and that makes me so very happy.

Kudos, sir - this is absolutely amazing work!


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@Bolle Just out of curiosity: when working on the board, did anything obvious stand out as to why C1 tends to blow on the original IIfx board?


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And finally took some time to do some boring work and cleaned up the schematics.
Those will probably help anyone troubleshooting a real or reloaded board.


  • Macintosh IIfx schematic.pdf
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Wowza! I have two battery bombed boards and would love to try transferring my good parts onto a recreation board. I was never able to get past the Death Chime on them. I'm guessing internal layers were damaged near RAM bank A from a combination of battery and capacitor vomit.

Incredible work.


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This is amazing! Love this seeing this sort of work. Even my Mum was impressed and she doesn't even know how any of it works.