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  • Hi Bolle, do you have any of your adapter to buy? I've got a TwinSpark, but a pre-P33 PowerCache - would love to put it to use.
    Hey Bolle, another interested Carrera040 guy here. Where do we purchase or how can we acquire this set up? ActionRetro has me really interested in the project!

    Hello, your work on the macintosh SE is fantastic. I will soon be in possession of macintosh SE and macintosh SE/30
    I will be interested in your cloned carrera cards as well as the addition of the network and the color video. Could you tell me how to upgrade my old machines.
    Is it possible to add PDS ports to the macintosh classic 2 and macintosh +.
    Very cordially, your obliged
    As an 1/8th German. I have arrived here at your site on request from one of your members. My interest is the Mac SE/30. I am trying to upgrade it. I have a twin Spark adaptor and are looking for a Daystar Turbo 40 card. Last time I looked  in 2009 the SI cards were priced between $2 and $40 US, they are not now. I am trying source a card at a reasonable price. I am a collector. I have six Mac computers SE/30. G3 tower, G4 tower, G5 tower, two early 2009 xserve's and an ipad Pro

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