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TAM audio crosstalk


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Curious to hear if anyone else has seen this problem before.  My TAM will happily hum along and then static will begin to build up until there is a constant audio hum with crackling static.  Sounds like the kind of static and audio hum one gets when a ground wire is floating in an audio system.

Any thoughts?   Anyone have good guidance for how to rebuild that giant cable that runs from the woofer to the machine? 



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What you're describing is the infamous TAM "speaker buzz" prevalent in several of these machines.  I believe your first port of call would be to clean the male and female umbilical connector on the sub/power supply end with electronic contact cleaner, and if no resolution take the sub apart and clean the PCB, connector internally (I've also read reports of people reflowing solder).

Rebuilding that giant cable wouldn't be fun unless you believe there is poor continuity on the cabling - I'd imagine over time if positioned or twisted this could happen, but as mentioned it's the sub/power supply end that is known to cause this noise.

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