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Questions about 5xx batteries


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By all means go ahead... would really be useful to be able to make new EMMs, or make a modified one that works with Lithium cells or something to that effect. Very few of these original Intelligent batteries are still rebuildable just because of how badly corroded they get.

This particular image by @Danamania comes to mind...


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That's precisely my concern. Getting new flex assemblies designed, plus a bare PCB onto which one can hopefully still transplant the original MCU, buying it pre-populated with passives... That'd solve 95% of cases. Then, for new stuff, just tack an STM32 or RP2040 or whatever else on there. I'll move that to the top of the queue.


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NiCD and NiMH batteries can last decades (actually surpassing Lithium Ion), but only if their seals aren't broken, so the air can't get into and oxidise them. But as we can see, most of those batteries leak after all that time as the seals get breached, and the air enters, and the electrolyte leaks.
I have some 30+ year old NiCD batteries that still work like new. And they haven't leaked (yet). I even recently got a PB Duo 270c battery that still works fine