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PowerBook 5300 Series Battery


What’s wrong with the barrel jack?

FYI, I replaced mine with a modern 5.5mm jack:

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The inside metal contact that touches the outside of the barrel doesn't have any spring left in it. I did see your other thread and am debating going down that path, thank you for posting that process!

This probably came from some flight of fancy about using USB C to power it, plus the ability to pop this same solution into any funky-jack 190/5300/3400 for testing or a way to skip teardown to fix the jack.


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Makes me wonder whether they used some off-brand cells, which could explain why they all leak just SO bad compared to even other laptop batteries from the time seem to. Or maybe they're just Sony cells or something with no brand label.


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I have a NOS battery for the 5300 that I got not long ago. It still works but I was intending on cutting it open and replacing the cells with modern, higher capacity cells. In the case that it is AA cells, would it be possible to use the 4/3A cells instead? Would that necessitate a 3d printed case to add more room? I don't have a 5300, only a 3400c (I may try to rebuild that pack eventually), so the capacity increase would be beneficial compared to stock 5300 pack.


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Would it not be easier to connect a 15v usb c board to the powerbook and connect is to a pd powerbank charger?