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Performa 630 - Blown Power supply


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Hi folks.
Havnt been on in years.
Bought a performa 630 with monitor just for old times sake , thinking a simple recap would bring her back to life

found the PSU was blown to kingdom come

didnt try to power it on

have a look at this PSU - is there any hope in trying to rebuild this !!!!


it is ....WAS .... an astec AA19300...........apple part number - 614-0037

i am decent at soldering , i can remove/ replace parts -i cant read scematics - my eyesight is shiiiiite !!!! and i cant spell for shiiiiiiite either !!!!!......... but im irish so thats OK !!!

logic board looks good - battery didnt leak - i can easily change the caps for tants - monitor works on my LC

i noticed that there were many dry solder joints around the burnt areas - they look like they formed over time........ maybey thats what led to this meltdown

i was expecting to see a blown component that would have some catastrophic failure , leading to this burning......... but i cant see it.

the transistor looks fine , as does the transformer.........i was expecting to fine a component half exploded ..... but cannot see anything like that

there is a resistor missing - i have it - it fell out as i examined the board - severe dry solder joints - 3 more components are so loose they too will fall out .........

im thinking to desolder and remove all components in this burnt area , take some more pics and post

what you rekon folks.........

cheers from paddyland
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My dead Quadra 630 power supply didn't look quite that bad but not too far off before I cleaned it up with isopropyl alcohol and Q-tips. Capacitor C8 leaking is guts out aparently to char on the surrounding components. In my case I replace all the board electrolytic capacitors and it works fine now, could be it would have worked again by replacing just C8.

More info here on my fix:


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I wouldn't bother working on that power supply, it clearly has multiple components that are dead or nearing death and these are not very good power supplies even when they work.

See here:

This is the route I would recommend, and it's not that hard to do, just a little time consuming but worth it as you end up with a new PSU in your 630.

Unfortunately the pics are missing from that thread, perhaps @demik still has them?


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As it happens... I have a NOS PSU for a 630. Tested it a month or so back and it seems fine. Not really sure what a fair €£$ is for it, nor what post-Brexit shipping to Ireland (from UK) looks like... but PM me if you'd like to explore that route... I also have a complete 630 as well I need to find a new home for... 😉