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Newbie Newton questions...


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Two random questions, first, what are some good links for Newton software downloads?

Second is, I know the eMate 300 has several battery refurb options, but what about older Newtons like the 120 or 130 or 2000? Do they have similar battery packs that can be cracked open and replaced with new NiMH cells?



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That will get you started, though note that many, many of these require registration that is no longer possible. You also want to explore http://www.newtontalk.net/

Batteries: Depends on the machine. The emate only had an internal rechargeable. In the others, there were rechargeable packs, but most/all had ordinary AA options, which are probably the best to look for. Early Newtons also NEED a coincell backup battery installed.



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For the 2000/2100 you would need a AA battery 'cage', in my experience the rechargeable packs are more common with those. Any 100 series just takes AA's as is, and modern rechargeable AA's last a good while.

Newtontalk is the best resource for Newton info, if you're not used to a mailing list you can search the archives at the site.