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Announcing and interest check: Integrated AirTalk for PowerBook 100 series


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You know, I am very sorry that this slipped past me. I’ll measure the dimensions this evening. Please do send over your illustration.


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No worries! Here is the drawing, in theory the notch at the bottom should match in particular is you can check:
  1. The positioning of the pins, that should correspond 1:1.
  2. Is the connector on the side where pin 1 is on the top left? (the drawing is from the same side)
  3. the slant of the top part, I hope it is ok
On the top of the board there should be two exposed solder notches, could you measure where they appear? If I understand correctly it is for a GND connection to the chassis? The docs don't give dimensions.


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So, here are the dimensions that I got, all recorded on the photo of my card. Also included is a photo of the bottom of the connector for reference. Hope this helps!

Portable Modem Card.jpg



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Hey @twelvetone12 sorry I lost track of time... but if you need to test some prototype, next time you are headed to Bologna just give me a sign and we can arrange a meeting with me and my Portable :)