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Releasing AirTalk: Wireless plug-and-play LocalTalk dongle


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What is AirTalk?

AirTalk is a dongle that extends a LocalTalk (or PhoneNet, or equivalent) network over WiFi.
AirTalk is a device designed by @cheesestraws and make use of the TashTalk PIC controller created by @tashtari .

AirTalk is user friendly and plug and play.
It requires no software on the Mac or LocalTalk device to use it, the Chooser extension only sets it up, so it will work with things like printers or routers as well as with Macs.
You can even connect to a Mini vMac emulator (with the beta LocaLTalk option enabled) on your WiFi network!
It has a serial port, where you can either plug in a modem cable to a single LocalTalk device (Mac, printer, router, etc) or plug a LocalTalk or PhoneNet box in to add it to the end of a whole LocalTalk network. It can either get its power from Micro USB or from an ADB passthrough.

Again, This project did never exists without all hard work of @cheesestraws (Hardware + Software) and @tashtari (LocalTalk controller).
In the next few days i will finish and share a small website for buying a complete AirTalk, DIY kits and the needed programming accessoires.
I am going to sell these on non-profit base, but I need to earn back the investment of making this possible.

My time is limited, but i will try to wrap up and finish all the work as soon as possible.
More info will follow.

Happy AirTalking!



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Is there, except the case of course, a difference to the ones made by cheesestraws?

I believe @daanvdl 's plan is to have a more "beginner-friendly" kit which contains all you need to get started with it, as opposed to my "fling a couple of boxes in a cardboard box and send you a link to github" approach. Sounds like a good thing to me!


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Hi all,

As promised, hereby a order link:

DIY-kits are currently only available in purple. Fully assembled and tested AirTalks ('AirTalk Pro') are available in black.
I managed to bulk buy PICKIT3's, 'Crosswired Serial Cables' and 'ADB cables' for very good prices, so you can add them to your order if necessary.

Shipping is currently, but not exclusively, limited to:
  • Netherlands
  • Belgium
  • Germany
  • UK
  • France
  • Spain
  • Italy
  • United States
  • Switzerland
  • (Just send me a PM when you are missing a certain country. If possible if will add the missing country)

Except for DIY kits (waiting for new PCB assembly) I will do my best to ship orders within 1 working day starting from upcoming Monday.
I am also employed and have a family :)
I'm working on non-profit base, so please accept minor imperfections.

I've taken the chance of adding remnants of private projects (BlueSCSI v1.1/v2, DRAM tester, 32bit ROM) so I can finally free up some space for new projects :)

I would like to thank @cheesestraws again for the great cooperation to make this happen!



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includes a floppy! that's some top shelf service right there, someone that knows their market.


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Would the 3D-printed case fit the original AirTalks from cheesestraws?
Yes it will fit, but the acrylic glass top is custom cut and drilled.
At the moment I have no plans to sell the houses separately to keep my stock organized! :)


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Got mine today. It's a VERY polished product, and it worked straight out of the box! Thanks to all the people involved in the design! (y)

Really neat the way you used the included iPhone-style pick for pressing the buttons :D
Will it retain its settings when powered off? I assume I need a Mac to set it up but I want to remove the Mac normally and just use it with my IIgs along with RPi - it speaks DDP for use with netatalk 2.x?