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USB2LT TashTalk Usb to LocalTalk


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I did! but apparently that trace was inserted while I was preparing the board for production? I have no idea how, I can't draw it again! This time to be sure I printed out the gerber file :D


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First 5 prototypes are mounted! It seems to work quite well, I'm very happy :)
I want to finish my modtashtalk so it can be used with netatalk, but I'm wondering if it is worth.
Ooo... nice & congrats! Will they be going in sale somewhere/time? 🙂
Yes! My plan is to produce some and sale them. The project is also on git so people can build their own if they want. I will look into having these built and the costs, now I soldered the ICs by hand but it takes a bit and it is a quite fiddly to test them.


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Waking this thread up again...

It'd be great to make a version of this that supported an onboard transformer (discussion in this thread) and went directly to PhoneNet or LocalTalk miniDIN-3 connectors. I love the idea of having a USB LocalTalk dongle that looks like a vintage PhoneNet/LocalTalk dongle (with a 3D-printed enclosure, even!) but plugs into a modern machine via USB.

Putting a DIP-8 footprint on the board and shorting together pins 2-3 and 6-7 would work for the token ring transformers that I've found to work and likely for a range of other through-hole transformers too; a similar set of SMT pads in the same place would expand the compatibility further still...


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I think it should be doable, there was also a transceiver + transformer in a package IIRC mentioned in previous thread?
Time for me is quite limited now, but I can have a look in a couple weeks.