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Actually I wouldn't mind the email/composer feature from seamonkey/netscape/?

But I do love me some classilla/tenfourfox.



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Resurrection of old threads is not a great idea, I know, but I just wanted to observe that the new (TenFourFox 4) version available as of late 2017/ early 2018 is the best yet. I keep worrying that bloat will kill T4F, but nope, it keeps getting better. Scrolling in graphics on newspaper websites, etc., is pretty smooth even on piffling Powerbook G4, though I will confess to using uMatrix to help things along.

Now, the truth is that T4F still will not do video, etc., so there are obvious limitations, but overall the browser is very usable, and represents a huge step up from deprecated versions of Safari, not least because it takes advantage of Altivec and comes built for the particular PPC CPU you are using.

Unfortunately, the developer is no longer a 68kmla-er, but maybe he'll see this vote of thanks all the same. Meantime, come back CK! We need the stalwarts back on here.



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I recently downloaded 104Fox for my G4 and for the G5 that came in today (FedEx was quick with that overnight option).  I have to say it is mounds better.  I agree with beachycove.  It seems like JavaScript is being executed more efficiently and the internet is very useable on older stuff where as before I didnt see a benefit to 104fox other than it being a modern browser for old OSes, it seems now to really take advantage of the Altivec and use it to decode the Java in a good way. 



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Tenfour is still slow to load thing... I might need to switch to 802.11n adapter, though.

802.11g is kind of pathetic these days. Or I might resurrect my dedicated 802.11g airport unit just for it. It is "hidden" and used WEP. AES on enev a G4 1.5fhz is still slower than WEP for 802.11g.



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Have you looked at Activity Monitor to see how fast things are being transferred when you're using tenfourfox? In all likelihood, it just takes a long time to render modern web sites. Even modern Firefox on modern computers is slower than the other browsers. Any machine where running tenfoufox is a relevant idea is, at this point, Not Modern.