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TashThird: TelePort A300 ADB Modem Emulator


PIC Whisperer
Just a little project, I'm not sure anyone's going to get excited about this one. Introducing... TashThird! (it's a third serial port, get it?)

Elevator Pitch

It's as faithful an implementation of the Global Village TelePort A300 modem protocol as I can make using what I've found out about the protocol (notes here), linking it to a serial port with flow control lines, capable of a blistering 2400 baud...

Project Status

Nascent but tested and working.


Emulation is just about as good as it needs to be and no better. I'll improve it if I discover more about the protocol.

What's Next

A PCB, maybe, if anyone's interested. It'd be neat to make this into a cable with the PCB fitting inside a DE-9 shell...