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TashIO: Clone of BeeHive Technologies's ADB I/O


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I'd take a look at Appendix C of the ADB I/O manual, it details the ADB protocol used by the ADB I/O and should help you write a function for controlling port B.

You can find the manual here: https://web.archive.org/web/1998050...80/BeeHive/ADB_IO/Downloads/ADB_IO_manual.pdf
Yes, I checked that yesterday and it's where I saw that the protocol doesn't seem to support a dedicated function to set values in port B.
I checked the library in Java and I think it's just using the function to configure the ports as input/output, which allows to set the level at the same time. Most likely the Hypercard tool is doing the same.


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Does anybody of you have a working copy of the ADB_Io_Software.sit.hqx file? I am building a waspIO (Aladds) and wanted to test the function with some software. Should we copy the software to macintoshgarden?


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All files from the Mac garden page should be on this thread, I uploaded them to the garden after pulling them down from archive.org's archive of the original website.

But yes, for testing just use download #1.

Some files on the original website were corrupt or missing sadly, but unless someone has an old archive of their own if the site, we'll struggle to find much else.


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My tests were successfull. With a Pascal program that measures temperatures I could read analog voltages in port B and all four channels. Many thanks to tashtari and aladds for the development of soft- and hardware.
Now I will try to develop my own Pascal program that can measure forces on a force platform.


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