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Powerbook 145B on order!


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Ah, another 145B owner! Mine is pretty close to my favourite 68k. It too arrived in almost perfect physical condition, almost like it had just come out of the original packaging. It runs well, and everything works, including the original HD. Only 4Mb RAM though, so for the time being I'm leaving it on 7.1, and likely will get a RAM upgrade for it in due course.

It does have typical passive matrix screen issues with ghosting and shading, and also is due a recap I think, but I have a 165 too, and that's in real need first!

The era when Macs were cute!!!


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I realise I could search for this (but a flimsy way of saying hello!) but what is this adb-usb thing you speak of? Nothing immediate comes up and sounds like something I could use.