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Powerbook 145b repair attempt needs help


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I’ll try to get this posted soon, but am currently boarding a plane for a short holiday in Peru, so timing isn’t great!


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It doesn't help that all (or most?) of the traces on the board go through internal layers, making them very difficult to trace out. It would probably help if someone with a fully working one traced all the paths out and did a schematic. My 145's board is fully working so I suppose I could, but I don't know what software I'd use to plot it all out. I've never done something like that before.
I'm lucky that the most trouble I've run into with mine is that the internal speaker on my 170 stopped working, with how many times I've had both apart.
I wonder if the "second gen" 100 series PowerBooks (160, 165, 180, color variants) are as fragile.
I have a bad 140 CPU board, so I'd be willing to sacrifice it for repro PCBs.
The 140 uses the same CPU board as the 170 (and 145 too I think), but the 145B uses a different board (due to extra onboard ram).


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Replacement cable how-to just posted over here:

Wrote it up on the plane lol.