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pci cards


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i got 2 new ones

7 inch and a whopping 12 incher

and they come with cables now

not only that fullsoftware cd's ms dos floppies system utilities and manuals as well

now all i need is a beige G3 to stuff all this in

does the 7 incher fit in a tam ?



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I should think that most 7" PCI cards would fit in a TAM, yes. What kinds of cards are those?





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If that's a PCI PC compatibility card, forget about running it in a beige G3. It will work but for some reason, it's going to slow down the host Mac. These are best in the earlier PCI Macs.



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well obviously a G3 i dont want to go any lower ;p

and i managed ot get my hands on 2 orange micro cards one with an amd k6 233 and one with a 500 mhz

pass through cable for the tam and even more stuff i need to figure out

now imagine this

a tam with a G3 400 mhz

128 mb rm

mac os X panther ( or jaguar )

mac os 9.2.2

a orange micro pc card

and windows 2k or 98