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Outbound laptop internal docking cable


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I don't believe so, if it's like the internal floppy drive (Which also uses a Citizen U0DA). That is its own thing with its own firmware.


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Both the internal floppy drive and the external floppy drive have an interface board between them and the main board.

The internal and external boards have very similar component sets, except the internal board seems to lack the GAL.

It is conceivable that Outbound used the floppy interface as their expansion bus. I wouldn't want to guess how likely or unlike that is....

Actually, it seems kind of unlikely, because the internal hard drive is bare to the motherboard. Connected with just a dumb cable.

1) Are the internal drive interface and the external expansion bus the same set of signals? Probably not. It looks like the internal interface must be 16 bits wide with 44 pins? Don't have one in front of me, but here's a pinout for the Conner CP2064:

External interface is almost certainly 8 bits wide, because SCSI chip in SCSI adapter and 85C30 chip in Floppy adapter are set up to receive 8 bit data. I don't think there are bus latches/switches bringing in 16 bits and slinging them twice as fast, but 8 bits at a time to those chips.

It's also possible that the internal interface changes depending on what is detected there...

2) Are either of them the same or similar to the Apple floppy interface. Was that on a 19 pin connector?


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Very cool but pricey. My Wallaby has an SE rom so I am.pretty sure this won't work for me anyway.


As also the floppy was discussed inside this thread. It is possible to use gotek drive (at least as internal drive) and boot the Outbound laptop. Slow but it works. Have not checked if it might be possible to optimize something. With the right cable also a standard floppy is working. As far as I remember I used a drive modified to be working inside an Amiga.




For all searching a harddisk https://www.ebay.com/itm/276054451002 might be an option. Even if it is only 20MB I know with adapters and/or maybe custom made cable it can be used inside a outbound laptop. But you would have to be able to boot your outbound without harddisk.

If you can not boot and need a bootable harddisk you should still be able to write a image to the harddisk using an old PC that has an old real IDE connector running linux with dd. USB adapters can not be used. Never tried if maybe a sata/ide adapter could be used.


To my experience you need the right harddisk. I own an original 40MB one, the later 40MB already using to today used 2,5" connector and the one from the ebay offer. All are PRAIRIETEK drives. The both 40MB drives share the same drive geometry. The 20MB two heads instead of four.
I got them formatted by installing system to the RAM disk. Switch off while still powered either by battery or wallpower. Install the harddisk and power on. During system startup you will be asked to format the harddisk.
This is the same process like when there was now power and you first start again, it will prompt you to format the RAM-Disk. If your system should be a floppy based one you probably would need to execute flash the ROM. I was not able to use internal floppy disk and harddisk at the same time.

No success so far using a conner 2064/2024 drive or all sort of ide/cf/sd card adapters.