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  • My printer stopped working and I get a solid GREEN power light and solid RED paper out light.

    Do you have the chart that shows what all the combinations mean so I can fix this?

    Hi ScutBoy,

    If you have have a working fuser you would like to sell me one, that would be great!

    The fuser I got on ebay is not for lasewriter or HP laser jet II/III


    I have some castoff Laserwriter IIs in my garage, but none I can guarantee have working fusers, since I haven't been able to test them. If you wanted to gamble I could probably ship you one or two and you could see if they work....
    sure that would be great. If you have a Volt/Ohm meter you could test the fuser to see if it passes the resistance test? I could also use the 4 screws that hold the fuser in place. Could you also get me the Right lifter? I don't need the spring just the lifter. And one of the plastic clips that hold the status cables? I am including pics of everything.


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