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    Macintosh Portrait Monitor - Bizarre Display Issues

    I would be interested in the cap/project list as well - I have a portrait display that is for for the time being, but probably worth the preemptive maintenance before anything goes south.
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    LaserWriter 2 paper feed issues

    Well, a cleaning of the pickup rollers with a damp cloth and some Q-tips, and inexplicably a different toner cartridge seems to have gotten things sorted out, at least in the short term! After cleaning the rollers, it was still having trouble picking up paper, but when I changed out the toner...
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    Kendall's Collection and Finds!

    I also mostly want the truck! :)
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    LaserWriter 2 paper feed issues

    Thanks Al! I'll follow your progress with interest!
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    LaserWriter 2 paper feed issues

    I'm reviving a LaserWriter 2. I got a new "power block" (also known as HP Power module RG9-0205 - $25 on eBay) so now the printer powers up successfully. When feeding paper from the tray, the pickup roller gets it about an inch into the printer and then the paper stops. If, however, I feed paper...
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    Daystar Genesis MP (again!)

    I run BeOS on my Daystar Quad and it rocks!
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    Wanted: Front Bezel for MDD G4 Zip Drive

    That's perfect - thank you very much!
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    iomega Zip 750MB ATAPI Drive (for G4 MDD)

    How much surgery is required to fit the bezel? I've got a dead MDD that has one in it - I need to pull it to send to Mr. Fahrenheit. I'm sure I can figure it out, but any hints are always welcome.
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    Wanted: Front Bezel for MDD G4 Zip Drive

    Does it include instructions for how to change out the bezel? I've got a machine with one in it for Mr. Fahrenheit, I just need to pull it out of the (otherwise dead) machine. I can't imagine it's too hard, but hints are always welcome :-)
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    Apple III just lost the -5V rail completely, all other voltages fine

    I figured that would be your answer - good for you :)
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    Apple III just lost the -5V rail completely, all other voltages fine

    I know this is kind of admitting defeat, but get the ReactiveMicro replacement supply. So nice not to have to worry about power problems!
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    A $75 SE/30 Surprise

    Nice score!
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    Apple II Plus inside an IBM clone case?!?

    I know there were external keyboards made for the Apple ][ machines since I've owned two (and still have one) so it doesn't surprise me that these kind of builds exist. Done nicely, I think it's kind of cool, sort of like the "build your own Mac and save a bundle" thing back in the day. What...
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    Lisa/NeoWidEx floppy image

    Yup - I'm officially a dope. Changed the lower case "L" to an upper case "I" and DiskCopy was able to see the image and make the disk. Lisa booted up off of it without issue. Now I just need to figure out what all this data coming from the drive is telling me, but I'm often seeing DRIVE READ...
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    Lisa/NeoWidEx floppy image

    If that turns out to be the issue, I will turn in my "nerd card" in shame :)