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mAcTX LC Boards


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I have been told that the original post got lost in a forum crash, so.

Once again, here's the mAcTX LC KiCad project. Public domain, do whatever, yadda yadda; I just ask that you don't use the mAcTX name if you use this in your own project and don't sell for profit. This only covers the LC version as the mAcTX IIc is owned by compgeke and it's his choice if he wants to open-source, public domain, or keep the files private.


  • mAcTX LC F - KiCad.zip
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Thanks, I had been looking for these! I have been wanting to make some up in red to match the colour of my prototype stage reverse engineered LC boards


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Alex Perez has reached out to me seeking permission to sell the design on his store, Rabbit Hole Computing. I have authorized him to sell the mAcTX LC and use the mAcTX LC name for the product. You are, of course, still free to download the design and make your own adaptations as you see fit; I will no longer enforce the "Don't sell for profit" clause in my OP.

Compgeke's mAcTX IIc will also be making an appearance on Rabbit Hole Computing, but it will still be Compgeke's choice if he wants to release the project files to the public.