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LCIII lifted traces during recap. What do these components do?


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So I was doing my first ever recap and using a hot air station. It is set to 360 on temp and two on the air. I had kapton tape around surrounding components and was down to just the caps at c7 and c5 and only had one lifted pad the entire time.

When I got these off the board I guess I used too much pulling pressure before they were properly heated and I lifted the positive pad on c5. To my surprise I ALSO managed to life the pabs of R8 and C6!!! Luckily the thin wire connects all of them in a line and somehow I managed to not break it.

I got the capacitor, as well as what I'm assuming are resistors at R7 and C6 all soldered back down! The wire is loose but not in much danger of coming up any further and I plan to use some glue or something to cover and protect where it's exposed.

Most important curiosity:
I booted the machine up and it chimes and boots to the desktop just fine! But of course I understand that these components may actually be responsible for something I haven't tested yet. Can someone please tell me what they are responsible for so I can verify my rookie soldering work on those near microscopic components is all good?? Thanks!!