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SE/30 - no bong, no video before and after logic board recap


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Luckily, I finally found a decent deal on another SE/30 motherboard. It's still in original non-recapped condition, but at least it has known good video, so I'll be able to swap stuff like PALs and Video ROM back and forth for troubleshooting once it arrives.
Good move. I would never have been able to fix my original SE/30 board, or troubleshoot my Reloaded boards, without a full set of donor chips.


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Another update on this, here's what I've tried in the last 2 weeks:
- Swapped ROM, PALs and video ROM from the new logic board, no change
- Washed the old logic board again with a toothbrush and 98% isopropyl in case the flux I left behind was affecting anything, no change

Actually, since it booted and I got the pictures I posted on the last page, it has not booted again with any combination of RAM, ROMs, and PALs I have tried. I'm only getting the "jagged white bars" pattern and no mouse cursor.

The good news is that the new logic board works well after cleaning and recapping. Interestingly, at a glance, it looks worse than my old one. There's quite a bit of bright turquoise corrosion on the legs of some of the ICs in the area around C3-C10. But what this board seems to lack is any of the corrosion that was creeping under the solder mask and blackening the copper PCBA traces like my old board had. For what it's worth, my old board is a later one: soldered CPU, light solder mask. The new board that works is an earlier one: socketed CPU, dark solder mask.

I may pick up where I left off beeping out traces on the old board but I'm kind of burned out on that after doing so many and not finding anything, especially now that I have a logic board that's working. If someone organizes another Bolle board build at some point, I may just jump in on that.


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Oh, one more thing--I socketed the sound chip on an SE motherboard so I could use it as a sound chip tester, and both of the chips I pulled off this SE/30 board test good! So the problem was never with the sound chips, but must have been with that area of the board itself. My best theory is that desoldering the sound chips heated/flexed a broken trace enough to allow the machine to boot a few times, but it was never really "fixed".