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eBay Find: Duo 230 with working DuoDock!


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So I managed to score a great deal on a working Duo 230 and DuoDock! Just missing the ball and Retaining ring(which I'm hoping some kind soul on here might happen to have a spare btw lol) I have been dying to get one of these for many uears!nd, and get it up and running on my desk. (Of which I also need one, being a trucker) I'm going to rebuild the battery pack, and this thing is going on the road with me!!!


Retro Rider

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Nice! I actually got 4 Duos, and 2 Duo Docks (one which needs a PSU recap) I also got some docks with it, I got a emachines ehterdock (witch is kinds broke),a pocket SCSI one, a Micro dock. I also got the floppy drive for it but its busted, I have no clue what's wrong with it, but I wanna fix it. Basically, I plugged it into the etherdock, and it popped up with a message, saying that the disk wasn't readable (even though there was no disk in there) so I clicked eject, and it started to make popping noises, and shut off the whole thing. Both the floppy drive and etherdock smelled like dead fish for a while after that.



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@Retro RiderHmm, I definitely think the etherdock, floppy, or both need to be recapped most likely. Not sure what the popping noises are about though. Maybe the eject mechanism got stuck?