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Building an internal grayscale card for the SE/30


I've got a spare 10" colour classic tube and analog board, and this got me thinking could an addon card like this be used with only a single such tube? paired with an upgraded se/30 and a 3d printed case it could make the ultimate compact colour se/30 if thats possible, i know for the mystic mod you can modify the analog board to enable 640x480?


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Well apart from the connections you would have issues getting the display flush in the case because the CC screen is curved trinitron of course, not like the old Clinton’s

Edit i only see now that you wanted to 3D print case 😁


I'd buy one instantly as well for my SE/30 if they were ever released as either a kit or a finished product. :)


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I'm still working to get my SE/30 working again. Waiting for a new 47uF tantalum cap after exploding. I thought the stripe was the - turns out to be the +.
Anyways I am for sure interested in such a card if it is for sale please let me know. I want to buy one.