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Berenod's conquests and collection


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And a new one to add.
I already have a performa630 (or whatever you wanna call it), but just now the "dos compatible" version popped up on a local 2nd hand site.
You do not see them very often!

Untested, together with the matching color monitor, for the princely sum of 50€

The monitor I tested already, works perfectly, so for me the 50€ is already well spent!

Some pics of a (very dirty) Mac:




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After a cleanout the LB looked in pretty good shape, so decided to reassemble and go for a test run.

Unfortunately there is an issue, but my gut says it's not too bad a problem.

The power supply is definitely on the way out.

With monitor attached (I tried two), when I push the power button on the back, the fan starts for a second and then stopped.

I also got a faint whiff of some electronics overheating.

Looked very good and saw a small whiff of smoke coming of the power supply (nowhere near the 230V, so unlikely a rifa).

Took it out, couldn't see much wrong, cleaned everything from the remaining dust, and when trying to start again I for some reason forgot to attach the monitor.

Without monitor I got a "happy" chime, and the usual sounds of a booting computer!

However, when I connect the monitor, it immediately stops again.
Trying to start again, back to same 1 second run of the fan, then nothing.

Again without monitor, and it chimes and boots.

So best guess, power supply is pretty much dead, still getting that overtheating smell, but nothing really visible...


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Sp, pretty sure the logic board and the 486 subboard looks to be OK, now gotta find me a working power supply unit, not reallu wanting to take my other working 630 apart...Plastic parts of the case are somewhat brittle...



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I have a spare working 630 psu if you want it? I’m currently unwell and have a big backlog of stuff I need to send out to folks but hoping to get some stuff sent out soon


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I don't think I could resist a DOS compatible were one to show up locally!

The PSU will probably just want new capacitors, including RIFAs.