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Abysmal Battery Life on Newton MP2100


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I noticed that the battery life on my MP2100 is really bad. I never get the 30 hour life touted by Newton fans - instead, I usually get 2 hrs. at best. The mystery is that the NiMH cells I use in the Newton - each with a capacity of 2500 mAh - are more powerful than the cells used in the Newton Rechargeable Battery Pack. I think something could be wrong hardware wise. Has anyone else experienced this problem?



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I think you probably want to check those NiMh batteries first, or the charger you use - perhaps switch to some alkalines and make a comparison.

So where did you pick up your Newton - glad you got one :)



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Standard off-the-shelf NiMh cells have very variable quality in my experience. However, assuming the cells are good, you might possibly see such behaviour if using a wireless card constantly. Otherwise, I would suspect the cells to be the problem. Try cycling them a few times and see if things improve.