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Hi everyone,

I decided it's time to finally fix my broken IIcx! (but I've run into some roadblocks)

Originally, the computer wouldn't turn on at all - it would click if I held down the power button, but that was about it. I replaced all surface-mount and axial capacitors on the motherboard, and now the computer will turn on, but it plays the dreaded Chimes of Death. Despite this, the hard drive sounds like it's seeking, but the screen is blank. I'm using a known good video card, so I think I can rule that out as an issue. The chimes play even when no video card or RAM is installed. There is no ROM SIMM installed, and both jumpers W1 and W3 are fully populated. If I remove jumper W1, the death chimes do not play on startup.

I've heard from some places that the IIcx *requires* a battery to boot, but I don't have one to put in at the moment. Can anyone confirm this?

I'm a little stumped where to go from here. Has anyone else encountered a similar issue?


Thanks in advance!

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