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  • [SIZE=10pt]Hello danda [/SIZE]

    [SIZE=10pt]In looking for a forum concerning Apple LaserWriter printers, I came across your posting –[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=10pt]Laserwriter / Laserwriter Plus refurbishment[/SIZE]


    [SIZE=10pt]Why? I have a LaserWriter Plus that has remained unused, stored in an indoor closet for the last decade or so – I had previously been using it in conjunction with an even-then-ageing Mac PowerBook . . . that is, until the laptop ‘packed up’. At that stage, to meet work-related requirements, I started to use a PC laptop – so the LaserWriter Plus has remained unused, though fully functional when it was put away.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=10pt]Unfortunately, having been working abroad and then largely away from home (for the bulk of the intervening period), I no longer have access to an Apple laptop to test whether the printer is still fully operational. [/SIZE]

    [SIZE=10pt]Is this LaserWriter Plus printer an item that you would be interested in? – either as a working item (if I were able to get it tested) or, failing that, for parts? I live in Perthshire. Kind regards, CraigO[/SIZE]

    I've just sent you a private message :)

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