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  1. we are currently debbuging, as soon i have something usable I will come back to you.
  2. no, I didn't find a more flexible way to transfert datas. For EmuTOS, of course it will be available For now, we have a booting desktop, Vincent have to improve the interupts and bring the media support to life, then we will have something usable for sure. I come back to you when I know more.
  3. Hi I managed to make a workflow to write disk on a mac for the Lisa, here is my setup with Diskcopy 4.2 on the TAM: https://imgur.com/STP9QFK but you are right: add files on the disk is a pain in the ass Now, I took a little time to answer to this thread, but there is a reason: I showed your work to Vincent Rivière. Vincent is one of the maker and maintainer of EmuTOS, the free TOS replacement for the ATARI line based on GEM free sources. And Vincent wanted to try something cool. Pushed by the fact that I have a working setup for testing, he started that:
  4. Ok, I just tried your image.... And this is fantastic All run fine, "GEMVDI" bring me the desktop, I can launch the "hello world" app and the sketch app. Trying to access the floppy issue a instant reboot. The rest looks promising. Maybe I will try later some Atari apps, who know, with luck some basic apps could run. Thank you verry much for this work, this is awesome. Do I understand right that this setup was used by Atari and Digital people to write the GEM / TOS for the ST? Here some pictures of my setup: https://imgur.com/a/oH68z2D
  5. I will do. I have a Lisa 2/10 with a Xpfrofile installed.
  6. ha, now it's good. I thinks that I did a mistake somehow with my registration on the forum, sorry for that. I give a try! Thanks
  7. Hi, I wanted to try Gemdos on my lisa, but looks like the link to the discs are broken. Is there any other place where I can download them, or did anybody saved them? Thanks in advance
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