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  1. Totally OT, but it's intriguing to me that BUG were bought by DMG Mori (presumably Mori Seiki at that time as the DMG merger hadn't happened yet). DMG Mori / Mori Seiki make CNC metalworking machines - that's my field of work. I wonder what they got from that acquisition? Seems a strange match.
  2. Just recently got this machine up and running, been fine for a few weeks with intermittent use. Now it's developed a problem where pressing a key on the keyboard locks up the ADB - mouse and keyboard become unresponsive. If I reconnect both, then the mouse works again until I press a key on the keyboard, and then the problem repeats. Problem persists regardless of if the mouse is connected through the kb, or directly to the mac. ADM Mouse II, Adjustable keyboard. Both check out fine on my Q700. Anyone have any ideas? A little while ago, I had another thread
  3. I have seen a couple of differently branded clones with that same case, so I have no idea who the oem was. PowerCity and Computer Warehouse (UK retailer of the time) Manhattan - if you google either of those you should find identical looking machines. CW machines as as far as I am aware used generic apple tanzania motherboards, idk about the powercity ones. I am not very familiar with any of the clones, maybe someone else knows more...
  4. I should have updated this thread, but I got another replacement PSU as the fan wasn't running in the first replacement and I was a bit skeptical of it, and the mouse in question now works properly on the 800. I guess one/some of the outputs from the first replacement psu were marginal and that one mouse also has some marginal caps in it or something... Everything else worked fine with the first PSU so I didn't really suspect it, I had the logic board laid out on the bench with multiple drives connected, nubus video card plugged in etc, and all working fine, just that o
  5. I bought another identical psu and the fan runs all the time, so I guess the first one is faulty somehow. I will open it up at some point and check it out.
  6. I bought a used PSU (Magnetek 3390-20-001) from, I believe, an 8100 to replace the dead and unsalvageable PSU from a project Quadra 800 I have. It all works fine but the fan didn't run at all during my limited testing. Is the fan load/thermal operated on this PSU, or is mine faulty?
  7. Completely ordinary M2706 ADB Mouse II, completely dead on my Quadra 800, works perfectly on my Quadra 700. I have swapped it over multiple times to make sure. Another identical mouse and an adjustable keyboard both work perfectly on the Q800. Q800 is a project machine, have it laid out on the desk while I sort the case out. Original PSU was toast, would boot the logic board but cut out if any drives were connected. I have a replacement PSU from a 8100 connected now, all seems fine. When I first plugged the new psu into the board, I had no drives connected,
  8. The floppy drive on my Quadra 700 was extremely stiff to inject/eject, such that the eject motor was stalling while trying to eject and I had to assist it with a paperclip in the hole. I took it apart and cleaned and lubed the mechanism and it worked ok very briefly before the infamous gear stripped it's teeth. I bought a couple of new 3d printed gears off of ebay and installed one of them, and that all appears to be working fine, however now whenever I insert a disk it will read it for a second, but before it mounts the finder background disappears and everything locks
  9. Anyone able to steer me in the right direction? Having difficulty with this. I have tried a number of different 9.1/9.2/9.2.2 install media, including what I think is actual restore cd for this thing, albeit burned from image. All will boot, but the installer will not run - "This program cannot be run on your computer. See the documentation for more information." Of course there is nothing in the documentation. It previously had Leopard installed. OS 9 boot media could not see the volumes on the drive so I used Drive Utility to upgrade (downgrade) the disk driver, and t
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