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AirTalk board programming time! This highly technical and involved process involves pressing 'up arrow / enter' 50 times while trying not to fall asleep. Try not to marvel too much at my technical competence.
Hello, your work on the macintosh SE is fantastic. I will soon be in possession of macintosh SE and macintosh SE/30
I will be interested in your cloned carrera cards as well as the addition of the network and the color video. Could you tell me how to upgrade my old machines.
Is it possible to add PDS ports to the macintosh classic 2 and macintosh +.
Very cordially, your obliged
Any clue on why my floppy drive can not read disk but ask me to format them even if they contain something ?
does formatting it produce a working volume? if so, heads might be misaligned?
Did not try ... I did not want to erase my working floppies ^^
I will try with a floppy without interest. Thanks for the advice !
Try getting a dud floppy: if you can format it in that drive but it doesn't work on any others, and discs formatted in other drives don't work in that, it's probably misaligned heads. If that still doesn't work, it's not :)
I bought the floppy drive from you at the end of June and when I plugged it in it didn’t do anything. Any guesses how to solve the problem? Would USPS cover a refund or replacement under insurance? Also, I got a new BlueSCSI and it powered up at first but when I was troubleshooting it today it just died. It doesn’t even power up over MicroUSB. Any guesses what to do with either of these things?
Also, I plugged in my bad BlueSCSI into the Macintosh and it lit up.
interest is there a black plastic piece on the floppy?
Hey Andrew18489 - what do you mean by the auto inject doesn't work?
I'm figuring its my cheapo 68-pin to 50-pin adapter that dont work. The drives power ul but never show on the scsi bus.
trying to understand the classic mac boot sequence is like watching eight cup-and-ball tricks at once, all somehow sharing the same balls
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Used my Powerbase to wipe my 460s old scsi drive to drop a copy of 9.1 on there. I know my two 128MB DIMMs work now.