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9505 5116 1328 1258 5515 57 usps

expected delivery. Sat. 9/18

I put a few extra disks that I thought might be of interest. The ones with the rubber band around them are to be uploaded.
Oh right, MLA has been alive again for awhile. I’m trying to land a job at Google :)
How much for the Carrera040 clone with cache card, plus shipping. I live in hagerman, idaho, USA.
Gonna used to feature to updated everyone on my cat's Mac related kill count. So far it's at 3. 1 raspberry pi SD Card used for MacIP PI (Jumped on it). 1 Extended Keyboard (Jumped on it). And something else two weeks ago (I forgot what) but he certainly jumped on that one 2.

Kill Count: 3
I have a pny 4mb ssfdc card (5volt) for a a quicktake 200 I can send you.
I see you just joined Welcome
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Are you in the U.S.? How much are you looking to get for it?
I am in the us. se michigan. where are you? You can have it free.
Sound now fully working on my IIsi with a new speaker !! Couldn't be happier right now. :)
When I'm done shouting at Classic analog boards, I might be up for a game !