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Why Toast names Apple_partition_map 'MRKS'?


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I observe: in a compact disc published in 1997, its Apple Partition Map is named MRKS.

Partition map (with 512 byte blocks) on 'mike_mulligan.cdr'
#: type name length base
1: Apple_partition_map MRKS 2 @ 1
2: Apple_HFS TOAST 2.5 Partition 325256 @ 317162
Device block size=512, Number of Blocks=642420
(Map is not valid: "With the exception of the driver descriptor record in block 0, every block on a disk must belong to a partition.")
I searched WWW a little while for (Apple_partition_map MRKS), but found no clues. Having read a number of discussions returned by the Web search, it seems many versions of Toast use name 'MRKS', and not only for newly-composed disc projects, but also for copying CD-ROMs.

Does anybody know why MRKS? What, does it stand for software author names, or other abbreviation?

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