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What shall I do with a Quadra 700 case?


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So when I got my collection down from the loft during lockdown, I found to my initial delight, and then dismay, that I had a Quadra 700 (surely this is everyone’s favourite colour 68k mac?)

Dismay because upon opening it up I found that I had previously removed the logic board and all components. God knows where they now are (apart from one 40MB SCSI hard disk). 

So what do I do with the case? Was thinking it might be fun to build up a hackintosh / dual boot gaming rig.

Anyone done this? 



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I have a IIcx case that I use to store letters in.

I remember reading somewhere that the logic board of a Quadra 650 fits in there nicely.

Of course, your suggestion of a dual boot hackintosh gaming rig is also awesome.

Just be sure to get yourself an ADB-USB adapter for the AEK-II.

A Mac Mini (with or without case but with power brick) would also fit in there.



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A Quadra/Centris "Wombat" (650/800) logic board will also fit in the case (save a card wanting to placed in the centermost NuBus slot, and the CD-ROM). It's funny that the shielding on this Q700 case has the cutout for the 3rd NuBus card, but the case, obviously, doesn't. Also, if you try this, mind the grounding/pressure fins that sit atop the audio in/out: I had to bend mine up a bit to get the board seated.


But as far as non-Apple/Mac stuff, I'm not sure. It would definitely require some case modification... I would personally go the route of filling it with Quadra gubbins or finding it a new home before altering the case first. But that's just me ;)  

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