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VRAM, cd bezel, cd carrier and cd carrier rails for Q650


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I believe it's time i update my Quadra 650 to it'S full potential. You know, the works: a cdrom, new caps, larger disk, max VRAM. Ram is maxed out, so there isn't anything to do there.

The most unobtainable piece of the puzzle is the cdrom bezel. Do you guys know any source where i can score the bezel and maybe even the cd carrier and carrier rails? Mind you, i'm in germany, so international shipping would be great.

Maybe i could get the parts from another case? The Centris 650 could donate the parts, which other models should i look for?

Also, what are the exact specs of the VRAM, are they unique and hard to come by or quite common?



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Performa 600, IIvx, IIvi, Centris 650, Quadra 650 and PowerMac 7100 all share the same case and, apart from RAM, the components named.

I had a couple of spare CD bezels a while ago, but am not sure if I still do. Will look, but the best plan might be to look for one of these models for the complete set of parts.

You must have some vram -- are you sure it can be further upgraded?



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Thanks, that list sure is helping!

As for the VRAM, i believe the Q650 without CD came with 2 256k VRAMs, the CD variant had 2 512k VRAMs from the start. Didn't check if the previous owner updated yet.

Today i wasted the day to see wich of my 68k macs would agree with my new display (a HD IPS Display). Let me tell you this, the usage of TFTs on 68k macs is a mess. :approve:

Maybe i'll look for a proper thread and report my findings.