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User Group Connection Macintosh Technical Notes "Collection" (2 Binders over 1400 Pages)


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These binders are jam packed with information on coding in Pascal, C, and C++ in the Macintosh environment as well as information on how many of the Apple Macintosh lineup of computers work on a bit by bit level. Information such as measurements for cards, RAM addressing, chip buffers, etc. it is all in this binder. It’s a very neat look into the early 90’s world of computer development/engineering and there are two binders in this series both included in this collection. Also noted are sound and coding examples added at the back and they are pretty comprehensive and interesting to look at. There is also ROM addressing information plus much, much, much more. There's a lot of information in all kinds of different areas, it's hard to write a description.

This download is over 1400 pages and is a collection of both binders a total of 1.8GB in size, formatted in PDF.

Download Link:


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Hi, I’m sorry for the delay in looking at this due to family things.

This is the most complete set of Mac Tech Notes I’ve personally seen, which is pretty cool. I can’t remember if I asked you elsewhere - where did you find this?

This isn’t internal information - the Tech Notes were of course created explicitly for outside distribution to help developers. This particular set came from the User Group Connection, which would have been distributed free to registered Mac User Groups (probably one set per MUG). I founded a small MUG in ~1991 and registered it with Apple, they sent me lots of random things for a few years (though this set looks slightly newer, based on the materials).


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I found this on eBay by chance and bought it within 20 seconds of it being listed. I’m happy it’s now preserved. Unfortunately one of the binders were damaged in shipping (ring broke off binder backing). The pages were perfectly intact and undamaged so all I did was swap everything into a new binder. There’s two of these binders and man are they heavy!