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Urgent help request: how to quickly / visually ID a real Apple II (not II+ or IIe)?


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Hi all!

I have an opportunity in a couple hours to buy a (supposed) Apple II - not an Apple II+ or IIe, but an original Apple II. Other than the badge on the case lid, what are some of the visual clues I should look for to help verify that it's a real non-upgraded original II? The circumstances here mean that I likely won't be able to plug it in to a display and power it up, so any identification I can do will need to be unpowered and visual.

From a quick skim of Google I gather that there were a lot of original II's that were upgraded with II+ motherboards, which I'd like to avoid (or just be aware of) here if possible. I do have one moderate-resolution pic of the motherboard from the seller - any clues here?

Thanks for any assistance you can offer!



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Board is a late version, and has ][+ ROM chips in it. So, it's been updated. Basically is an A2S1048 ][+.

Also, an original ][ will usually have the power light that looks like a key, not a flat lens that says "POWER" on it.


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Soooo… here’s an update: the machine is mine now, it’s very interesting (more than meets the eye!) and we stopped by the original Apple HQ on Bandley Drive + the new Apple Park Visitor Center on our way home. All-in-all a successful RetroComputing adventure!BADA7598-A63E-4FC4-B818-D8138D961E7F.jpeg


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It's a bit earlier than the last one I had, which I believe was in the 776xx serial range. I'm guessing it has normal keyswitches, instead of the rare version that feels like you're typing on sponges?