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Titanium PowerBooks performance: 550 MHz model really so slow?


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For me the conclusion is: Gigabit-series Titanium Powerbooks G4 have a moderate (roughly 15%) speed penalty relative to their processor and bus speed compared to other G4 Powerbooks. This is most likely caused by their small L2 cache which is not compensated by a level 3 cache like in the later Titanium models. Nevertheless they are decent and cool looking Powerbooks offering compatibility with a wide range of software.

Sometimes I want to run some old - mostly 68k - software, reviewing files I had produced in the past. Actually my iBook can do this, but the larger display and speed of a Ti-Book is tempting. I am not so interested in later PPC for OS X software, thus I have given away my Aluminium G4'Book. There is no need to hurry, and I may take what looks pleasing to me and is easily available.

Thank you everybody, especially you who had been running tests on your Ti-Books, you all indeed helped me come up with my decision.