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Silencing Macintosh II


So, I have a Mac II but… Man, the fan is rather VOOSHy, almost like a vacuum cleaner!

Anyone had success replacing the PSU fan with something quieter? I understand that the PSU fan is the only thing cooling the entire system, but I'd still like to make it quieter…

The Mac II uses a Panaflo FBK-08A12H fan, these are the specifications according to this page.

 80x25mm  1.56W  37.1 CFM   4.5 mmH2O    35 dB-A   FBK-08A12H

I don't see any Noctua  fans that output the same mm H20 for example, any recommendations? I'm really not sure where to go here.



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Yeah I replaced the PSU in my II with a IIfx PSU and it made a noticeable difference. I'm also interested if there are further improvements to be made.



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I'd try cleaning it first, and re-lubricating the fan.  If you must replace, I'd go for a unit which has similar CFM qualities over the existing fan, not a ultra quiet slow model.  The fan is important in circulating air in the entire case, not just the PSU.



Not seeing too many around 37.1 CFM, I wonder if 31 CFM would work?

The thermal design of this thing isn't exactly advanced…



So, thanks to somebody else's post on one of Larry Pina's books, I took a look through the "Macintosh II Repair and Upgrade Secrets" book for information on fans and such.
It seems there was a fan controller upgrade sold by "Nova International", which connected between the fan and power supply, and used a temperature probe on a long wire to adjust fan speed.
Of course, nowadays… That particular fan controller upgrade is basically unobtanium.
So, as a substitute… I've been looking at various cheap temperature fan controller boards on eBay and aliexpress, and settled on one that features a temperature probe on a wire, and has screw terminals for power input (From the PSU) and power output (to the fan), as well as a dial that can adjust when to start ramping up fans.


I will test it out, and report back with findings!



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That's pretty close to the same kind of setup I have in my HP 6632A power supply, mine controls PWM rather than voltage though. It works quite well, the hardest part is just finding somewhere to mount it.



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How did it turn out? Did you change the fan or did you put a fan-controler in the power supply?
I am also thinking about reducing the noise and the fan is very noisy in my macintosh II.
I currently have the color-graphics-card in my setup. The 3,5" SCSI-HDD will be changed to SCSI2SD, so no heat either.
I will also put a soundcard in it (PAS16NUBUS) and a ethernat-card. If everything turns out well, I get a P33-Nubus accelerator and an NUBUS-PC Board. So that machine will be fully equiped :)