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SCSI2SD Setup for Mac OS 8 (Power Mac G3)


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Hi everyone,
I have a (beige desktop) Power Mac G3 with a broken internal hard drive. I'm trying to set up a SCSI2SD v.5.5 with a bootable disk image so I can boot over SCSI. However, I can't seem to get the settings right, and I don't think I'm configuring something properly. Here are my specs:
Disk image is ~1GB in Mac OS Extended format, dumped from a real hard drive. It's Mac OS 8.5, and it boots fine in an emulator. I'd ideally like to have the disk capacity on the card be at least 5GB.
I'm on an M1 MacBook, but I have an Intel Mac available if need be.

I tried to use the dd command to copy the image over to the card through a SD card adapter (which seemed to work fine), but the G3 wasn't happy with it and wouldn't boot (using the startup key combinations to tell it to select the appropriate SCSI device number).

Do I have to set up the card through the SCSI2SD device itself first somehow before imaging?

Thanks in advance.


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SCSI2SD behaves like a physical drive, not an image based drive emulator like some others. You need to configure it (configure volumes on the SD card, while connected to the scsi2sd via usb) using the scsi2sd-util software that you can find on the codesrc website.

Writing data to those volumes then needs to be done using a physical SCSI host. There may be methods to write to the SD card directly, but I have never done so.


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When you say "dumped from a real hard drive" what do you mean? What software did you use? Possible option use something like Basilisk to copy your files from your image to one of my bootable images and follow my SCSI2SD guide https://www.savagetaylor.com/downloads/downloads-macintosh/
I created a disk image of the drive using the Disk Copy (6.3.3) utility under Mac OS 9. Thanks for the link! I'll have to take a look and see if I can migrate my files over to a bootable image.