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PowerClip reproduction


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Does anyone know what the circuit diagram for the NewTechnology PowerClip is? Would there be any particular difficulty in creating one - I wouldn’t mind giving my Quadra a bit of pep, but I can’t find an original anywhere!


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It's basically an oscillator with a multiplier, the circuit is very simple. The tricky bit is the mechanical design for the clipping.

There are a few other approaches to overclocking Quadras, there are a number of threads here discussing it. Usually people will solder on a new oscillator, but some models will overclock with some jumpers/resistors. There's also the 'spicy o'clock' device which is functionally similar to the clips.

Which Quadra do you have? The 650/800 is one of the easiest to work with and most studied.


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You can duplicate it with a test clip and a fixed or variable oscillator, if you don't want to do any soldering. I have an example of how to do it with the spicy-o-clock, which gives you better tuning than the New Tech, here: https://eharmon.net/retro/macintosh/spicy-o-clip/

If you just want to hit 40 and are willing to solder, I think Phipli's new method is probably best!