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Platinum PLA filament?


So, I've been buying some old Mac-II era carcasses (gutted cases) on eBay and whatnot, intending to mod them into semi-modern cases. However, backplates generally need modification, and it's hard to make that work well.

I would like to try just cutting out most of the rear and 3D printing a new one to match, with proper port-holes for an ATX motherboard, PCI cards, etc. (rather than just being lazy and using the standard metal cutout.) But haven't had much luck finding PLA filament that's a good match for the old "Platinum" case colors.

Any thoughts, sources, etc? TIA.



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I think you might be in the wrong forum to asking this as casemods to ATX are generally considered heresy around here.

To answer your question however I've never seen filament that closely matched the platinum of Mac II cases. Just white.



Unless you have access to a 3D printer for free (ie, if you're paying a service to have things 3D printed for you) it might be worth looking into milling instead.  The price of having your panels milled out of sheet plastic in the right color may be better than 3D printing them.  Either through a local engineering shop or one of the online services.



@MinerAI - that's pretty close, yeah. Thanks!

@Bunsen - Hmm, yeah, I have a 3D printer and a Shapeoko milling machine both. If I can find Platinum-ish sheet plastic... maybe at an art supply store or something. Thanks for the idea.  :)