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My mini Apple Store museum


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Its interesting to see these devices come out of Apple. We get to see what happens and what it takes before a finished product hit the market. I'm guessing the iPhone 4 you are talking about is directly to the left of the iPod touch?

That TAM does look really cool! I guessing you bought that from a friend?

Also, the Death Star iPhone 4 is pretty sweet. :cool: Imagine rocking the back of that phone on a stock iPhone 4. "What's that?" "Oh, another lost iPhone 4 prototype" :p

Hap, you definitely have one cool collection!



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Yeah that's the one.

The TAM I did pick up from my buddy. Broke the bank at a grand total of $100 }:) It was in REALLY bad shape when I got it though. The plastic was so brittle breathing on it made me nervous. I was able to help restore some of the oils to the plastic and am very careful.

I've got a couple of those Death Star backs, 3 to be specific. They are so so rare I grab them every time their offered up. People around here would assuredly tap me on the shoulder to ask if I rocked it. I'm trying to secure a case, but Apple made clear Death Star iPhone 4 cases that went along with the back as well. I really want one of those.

Thanks very much for the kind words. It a fun little project to keep up with and very rewarding. I appreciate everyones comments, input, and guidance. Hopefully one day, if any of you are in CA (SF bay) your welcome to check it out in person.