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[GUIDE] [WIP] QEMU 9.2.2 on Linux


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Hello All,

I figured I'd make a quick how-to for my own reference and to make this a little easier for folks who may want to emulate a powermac on Linux. This will be a step-by-step for each distribution, starting with Arch because I use it daily. This will be a WIP where I add sections for each distribution.

Code blocks like this one will be used to indicate when a section of the guide should be input on the command line.

Arch Linux​

Arch is renown for being the Linux distribution where user choice matters a lot. These instructions are specific to how I use it and there are many different ways of accomplishing the same thing. These instructions also assume that you have a working x11 environment and that you are using or can use systemd-networkd. It is optional to setup and use sudo on Arch, though I highly recommend that you do. I will preface each command with sudo that requires superuser privileges.

Install Required Packages​

  1. Lets get the qemu packages and bridge utils installed so that we can have networking.

    sudo pacman -S qemu qemu-arch-extra bridge-utils

    The result should look something like this:


  2. Now we'll create a new folder in our home directory to store our emulator files:

    mkdir -p ~/qemu/v922


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