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engines running.....


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well we are now in the month of june and the tension is starting to mount.

various members of the international press have been gathering outside of my house looking for interviews.

it stands to reason that you would want in on this too!


roll up roll up!

so far we have six names down - we need more!

multifinder! patrick! imac600! everyone who has said that they would like to play around, well get on down.

go get that entry form from retrochallenge.net fill it in and email it back.

while you are there, check out the blog page to see what those brave warriors who have already signed up are planning.

go Go GO!!!!![/url]



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Alrightey, I'm in for this summer. I'll be popping Linux on my Classic II (or at least trying :p ).

Edit: E-mail sent.



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As much as i'd like to be in it, I must say i'm still uncertain. There's a lot of things I need to attend to at the moment.



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remember you dont have to give all up for the month - you can pick and choose projects too.

just to say



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only two more folk needed to reach that magic number of ten!

i know there are others out there.

come on in, the waters warm.

if you want to know anymore than is already out there, then feel free to PM me.

go Go GO!




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Just sent in my entry. This should be great fun and I need something interesting to do this summer! :)