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Design68: A 65% replacement keyboard using AppleDesign controllers


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I've been following this with some interest, but I'm not clear on one thing:

Is ANSI the layout used in the US?

If so, I think I have an ADK somewhere which is soo disgustingly filthy that I don't think it's worth the effort to clean. I think it would be worthwhile to harvest its controller IC for something like this, though.

But I'm in no hurry, as I have a nice AEK II that I'm using on my daily driver via a Drakware adapter (it's not even too badly yellowed, although it now has some wear and tear from my fairly undemanding usage that it didn't have when I first got it).



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Is ANSI the layout used in the US?

Given ANSI is an acronym for American National Standards Institute, I'd think so ;-)
Joking aside, yes, this is the layout with the "straight" enter/return key.

ISO generally uses the "upside-down L" enter/return key, which also causes some differences in the layout around this key.
So ANSI would be best if that's what you're used to.

Do make sure the keycap set you get is also ANSI, and skip the ISO modification of the keyboard plate, it shouldn't be necessary.


@demik , Can you provide details in the GitHub repo on the connections for the ADB wires. The wires labeled are GVAPE. In one of your pictures, it's not quite clear which color wire from and ADB cable goes where, but it appears maybe

G -green
V - red
A - blue
P - white
E - black

Is that correct if re-using the ADB cable from the donor Apple keyboard?


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Is that correct if re-using the ADB cable from the donor Apple keyboard?

If you are reusing the old cable, the colours are indeed as follow:


I'm not 100% sure all cables are the same for everyone, so the letters stand for :
- G = ground (green)
- V = VCC / +5V (red)
- A = ADB (blue)
- P = Power Trickle (white)
- E = Earth / Shield (thick black)