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Brand new PowerBook 1400 CD-ROM


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I've had saved searches on eBay for "PowerBook 1400 CD-ROM" along with all of the relevant Apple part numbers for a few months and it finally paid off.  I managed to score a brand new in box 8x unit and it works great.  When I opened the box, it clearly was brand new.  The drive was still sealed in its plastic sleeve and there wasn't even a speck of dust on it.  I'm almost finished my 1400c/166 hardware.  I have to finish assembling my replacement NiMH cells into the battery pack and then I'm all done!




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Very nice!  It seems like those 1400 CD-ROM drive doors were made out of even worse plastic than the 5xx / 5xxx machines.  I've only seen a single drive that had the door completely intact with no wobbling or broken clips, or hadn't been glued together.