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Beige filament for 3D printing?


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Some time ago, someone posted a link to a source for PLA (or maybe it was ABS or PETG) filament for 3D printing that very closely matched the original platinum / beige color of older Macs. I should have bookmarked it when I saw it, but didn't. DOH! I've tried to find it, but cannot find the post. I'm hoping someone remembers this and has a link. Thanks!


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Someone on VintageApple on Reddit may be planning on making some as well that is a close to exact match, not sure if you saw that too.


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was used here:

Edit: Just saw that you search for platinum. But perhaps someone searches for the older beige macs...


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Thanks all, I'll check out the links. I'm currently trying to match some "snow white" Macs so it looks like the NX-2 Grey might be close. The Solutech beige on Amazon looks good for an older Mac Plus. Awesome! Thanks!


Very nice, I'll hazard a guess that formulations for the gamut of greys used in PowerBook cases will be researched at some point?