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Androda's random finds


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I figure it's better to have one thread for all instead of a thread each.

Yesterday I found a Smart and Friendly CD Copy Rocket Mach 12, complete in box!  For $25.  Imgur link: https://imgur.com/gallery/MwSZ3nq

This thing is a monster for its time.  12x SCSI CD burner and 32x SCSI CD reader.  Smoking fast.

The most interesting thing about this setup is how the duplicator works.  It's just two SCSI devices hooked up to the SCSI bus, reader is ID 5 and writer is ID 6.  To do the computer-less duplication, you use this little blue plugin which connects to the SCSI bus and actually does the copying.  For some reason, this particular unit has two of the blue controller boxes. [SIZE=1.4rem]I bet this would work with any SCSI disc reader/writer.  The nasty buggers scrubbed the chip numbers off from the control chips, but one of the two blue controllers had a partial marking on what looks like the control chip.  I think it's an Xilinx.  The other side of the board has a scrubbed chip with traces clearly leading to the SCSI port pins, so obvious what that one is.[/SIZE]

The cd burner doesn't want to work, even when plugged into a known-good power supply.  Sometimes it's happy and will open and close, but most of the time it doesn't.  My guess : flaky capacitors.  There are a ton on the control board.  The reader opens and closes happily.



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I fixed a SCSI caddy loader with the same symptoms.  The capacitors near the power port had leaked an were going bad.  I removed and recapped that area, and then it worked like new.



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Cool find of the week: a nice set of Newtons.  130, Apple 2000 (upgraded to 2100), and Newton Technology 2100.  Includes one rechargeable battery (not likely to work), the AA battery cage, windows Beta version of the newton connection tools, original box for the 2000, some carrying cases, and some of the original purchase documentation.  No serial adapters for the 2x00s, so I'll have to figure that out.  Not pictured are the five linear flash storage cards that these came with, one original Apple and the rest are third party.  Previous owner totally maxed these out, every PCMCIA slot has a flash card.

The 130 is PIN locked, need to see if there's a bypass or whether I have to do a hard reset to restore to usability.  I'll probably ask the seller first, don't know if they were the person that set up the PIN lock.